LIzhan Sheet Screws Manufacturers
he perfect expansion ensures suitability in cracked concrete

In addition to its Deck Screws Manufacturers range of SMART® through bolt anchors – such as SMK/SMKI through bolt anchor with ETA Option 7 (ETA – 11/0474) and S-KA heavy-duty expansion with ETA Option 1 (ETA – 10/0472) – pgb is also able to supply a wide range of other leading products with European Technical Approvals/Assessments, including:

SMART® chemical anchorsThe SMART range of chemical anchors has a variety of different chemical resins in the range, such as:• SMART S-IRP: A high performance polyester chemical anchor, which has an extended ETA for use in dry and wet non-cracked concrete (ETA – 13/0750) as...

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New robot controlled pallet warehouse pgb-Europe

The layout of the quotations, order confirmations, and invoices, will be modernised so that information is clear at a glance.At the start of 2018, pgb-Europe also moved to a new ERP package to further optimise its service to customers. In order to be 100% involved with this important evolution, pgb-Europe NV is launching a completely new webshop

, in which finding products and documentation via PC, tablet and/or smartphone is the key focus. In addition, there was the start up of a wood screw factory in Vietnam

, PHC Fasteners, where everything is now controlled internally from the raw material to the...

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